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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 12, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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12th. >> 2012. our shepard smith to the good folks of central kentucky. man alive it's fall and the trees are gorgeous in kentucky. can i seat yankees win 3 to 1 over the o's. here is mr. bill. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: ♪ it's just emotion that's making over. [ laughter ] >> laura: joe biden laughs and miracles and bullies his way through last night's debate. will that win over undecided voters in the verdict may already be in. >> we weren't told they wanted more security there we did not know. >> i just want to be clear it was never in the presidential daily brief or anything like that? >> i'm not going to sit and talk to you about the details, no i'm not. >> laura: the obama administration is at it again. changing its story over what it knew about security lapses in libya. we will hear from a congressman investigating what went wrong. >> now, i believe that life
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begins at conception. the policy of a romney administration will be to oppose abortion. >> i accept my church's position on abortion. i just refuse to impose that on others. >> laura: at last night's debate push the democrats war on women claim back to the forefront of the campaign? we will hear from both sides. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the truth about the debate. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. joe biden showed up last night in kentucky with twin goals, one, to blunt mitt romney's post debate momentum and two to give a boost to a democratic base that had become quite anxious after the
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president's terrible denver debate performance. i will give biden this much. last night he went from being a gaffe omatic to being a laugh omatic. >> the obama administration had the exact same position. let's recall that they disavowed their own now we have them in place because of congress, they say the military option is on the table but not being viewed as credible so they stopped viewing nuclear weapons. >> how do you do it so quickly? you both saw benjamin netanyahu. >> we can debate the time line. whether it's that short of time or longer. i agree it's probably longer. number two, thank heavens we had these sanctions in place. it's in spite of their opposition. >> oh, god. >> laura: this was odd. even learnt guys -- elevate left of center. found the constant smirking, smiling and constant interrupting off-putting. in your face debate strategy didn't wear so well and
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perhaps distracted from some of the stronger substantive points. speaking of substance, joe biden told a number of big whoppers last night but i'm going to stick to three of them. first, on why there wasn't adequate security in place on 9/11 in benghazi. >> we weren't told they wanted more security there we did not know they wanted more security there. by the way, at the time we were told exactly -- we said exactly what the intelligence community told us that they knew. >> now, was the vice president so engrossed in his debated prep that he was unaware of the fact that the former top security official in libya, eric nordstrom testified this week on capitol hill that he had repeatedly asked for more security? and, yet, was turned down? number two: when asked who would pay more taxes in a second obama term, biden answered people making more than a million dollars or more. totally misleading. the associated press today reports that obama's proposed
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tax increase reaches individuals making more than $200,000 a year and couples making more than $250,000 a year. and number three, there was biden's defense of the hhs contraception mandate. >> no religious institution, catholic or otherwise, including catholic social services, georgetown hospital, mercy hospital, any hospital, none has to either refer contraception, none has to pay for contraception, none has to be a vehicle to get contraception in any insurance policy they provide. that is a fact. >> laura: false. today the u.s. conference of catholic bishops rebuked the vice president noting that the so-called accommodation, the obama administration promised for catholic hospitals, universities, and other religious charities isn't an accommodation at all. they will all still serve as a
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vehicle for contraception, abore that face drugs and sterilizations because their health insurance premiums still will cover those services. now, ryan himself had some difficulty on the foreign policy questions and allowed, i think, the moderator to cut him off too easily. without a doubt, joe biden's demeanor and his mendacity made him both less likeable and less credible. and that's the memo. now on to the top story reaction, joining us from new york is chris hahn. is he a democratic strategist and fox news contributor and with us here in washington, simon rosenberg, the president of mdm a center left think tank. all right, simon, let's start with you. gergen, come pro-call and others -- tom brokaw and others joe biden looked a little silly the man was almost 70 years old acting like an eighth grader at the school yard trying to taunt the kid maybe not in the cool crowd.
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>> look, i think joe biden as you said did what he had to do last night. he was aggressive. he took on paul ryan and the republicans and their arguments in a way that barack obama frankly didn't do in the previous debate. he had energy and vigor which i think is what democrats were looking for. i think you saw joe biden last night maybe not everybody has seen joe biden over the years in debates and other places, but i felt that was the joe biden that i know. and i don't think there was any pretense. as he said, i mean what i say and i say what i mean. >> laura: middle class has been buried in the last four years. that helps the republicans. >> he had a good night. democrats are very happy. as you are well aware the republicans are pretty happy today, too. both sides got what they wanted. >> let's go to you, chris, i'm looking at some the polls. cnn did an instant poll and it showed that 48% of the people who watched thought that really paul ryan had the better of the debate. 44% biden. i think within the margin of error. it was pretty time
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nevertheless, let's say paul ryan had done to biden what biden did to paul ryan just on the gesturing. just on the laughing. how do you think the media today would be playing all of this? how do you think they would be reacting? i have a feeling they would say it was really disrespectful of the vice president and unbecoming a man such as paul ryan. that's just my sense. >> you know, look, i think the polls show that people saw what they wanted to see in the debate. if you were predisposed to like democrats you loved what joe biden did. i loved what joe bide deny. if you are a republic, you loved what ryan did. that's the tway goes. if ryan would have acted up and been more in your face it, probably wouldn't have gone well for him simply because he has got the age factor. look, is he very young-looking. is he very young, in fact. so, he has to act a little bit more reserve. he has to stay within himself or he would come across very poorly. i think joe did what the democratic party needed him to do. there has been a lot of hand ringing among the party. whoa is me since the last
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performance. joe biden come out there and took it to the republicans last night the way republicans wanted it so see. >> laura: i'm trying to watch as it someone who is not a conservative commentator and trying to put myself in the position of those families out there that are struggling and i bet a lot of them watch some of the debate but maybe tuned it out after a while. because i think they see a washington that is more focused on getting incumbents reelected than it is of solving the real problems in this country. biden might have scored a point here or there ryan might have held his own. in the end, what do the american people really learn in this debate about how a 16 trillion-dollar debt. 4 trillion which mounted under this presidency. how did they find that this was going to be in any way diminished in the next four years let's say under a barack obama. >> listen, i have a slightly different take. i got pretty bored last night,
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too. let me say. it was a vigorous debate. i mean, these two guys really enjoined each other in a significant way. i think this is what we want, right? >> yep. >> when you see these two parties fighting for the stuff they care about. >> laura: how was it vigorous when joe biden got the main thing wrong about your guy's tax policy. millionaires only ones covered? it's 250,000. >> answered the question where the offsets were and loopholes, too. >> they haven't been in office for the last four years. >> covered ground from libya to taxes to abortion. so i think people got a vigorous and broad debate. >> go ahead, chris. >> let's take it for what it is. vice presidential debates like the halftime show at the super bowl. every once in a while you get a wardrobe malfunction and we talk about it for a while. mostly madonna and the guy on the tight rope and we forget it about it the next day. next week we will be talking about the presidential debate. main show. i can't wait for it. >> that smile monday teenage i think joe biden had a mouth
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malfunction smiling at all the wrong points. >> it's a beautiful smile, lawyer. you -- laura, you can never smile too much. >> laura: up next on the rundown, vice president under fire for claiming that the president and he did not know that the security was requested for libya. later, did congressman ryan make his economic case to undecided voters? lou dobbs will be here to tell us about that upcoming. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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>> laura: in the impact segment tonight the obama administration's narrative continues to fall apart. vice president biden claimed that he and the president didn't know about the request for more security there.
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white house press secretary jay carney was asked about this today by fox news ed henry. you are saying from this podium that the president and vice president have never been briefed about the fact that more security was needed in benghazi you? are saying they were never in the presidential daily briefing never briefed? >> what i'm saying is that matters of security personnel are appropriately discussed and decided upon at the state department by those responsible for it. >> joining us now from new york is congressman jason chafe fete, favor you heard some blockbuster testimony this week on capitol hill. what was your reaction, first to what the vice president said last night number one that they didn't know of any security requests, number two, blaming the intelligence community for this idea that
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it was a spontaneous protest that got out of control? >> it was absolutely shocking for the vice president to admit outloud that he had no idea what was going on. ignorance is hardly a defense. the fact is there were over 230 security incidents there in libya. our consulate there in benghazi had been bombed twice. now, where else in the world are you aware of any consulate or embassy having been bombed twice. it's libya. it's 9/11. the british ambassador had an assassination attempt. and then the request for personnel continues to go forward to the administration is not only denied, they reduced the security personnel profile there in libya. this is a place where the british pulled out. there were actually al qaeda flags flying above government buildings. when i went to libya last saturday. i was there most of the day. not a single person ever mentioned a video. so this administration continues to have a lot of questions that go unanswered, in fact, compounded by the fact that the white house, the
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vice president, they continue -- they are just not being straight with the american people. they have a lot to answer for. >> laura: congressman chaffetz do you think that the vice president lied. >> he t. could be that he was never in the loop. he is vice president of the united states. i don't think ignorance is a good defense. i think the reality is they should have known. good leadership, a good president should be saying my goodness we were bombed in libya twice? what are we doing to improve security there. not just sit lack and wait and see. we have four people killed. we haven't had a u.s. ambassador killed overseas since the 1970s. >> laura: congressman, the "the washington post" today is reporting that political chaos in libya today hammers the u.s. probe of the deadly benghazi attacks. and basically saying that when you call over, when we call over to officials in libya, no one is answering the phone. so, it's more than a month
8:17 pm
later, and apparently, according to this article, we have made very little progress because of the situation on the ground which begs the question if it's difficult on the ground now, presumably it was difficult on the ground before september 11th, correct? >> on september 1st, the interior minister there in libya issued a high alert. it's the maximum alert they can. ambassador stevens sent that cable to washington, d.c. that is on september 1st. in fact, the memo went out september 4th. how is it a week before nobody is paying attention to washington, d.c. saying oh my goodness. there is problems. let's get these people some more assets. these people need some more help. >> laura: what about the republicans voting for more security against the embassies? paul ryan got stung with that last night against joe biden. was that true or not? >> in the last five years the state department budget has increased 118%. this is a question about priorities. in fact, under testimony, we asked charlene lamb, who is in charge of the embassies and security, and we asked her,
8:18 pm
was there denial of more personnel in libya a result of a lack of funding? she said. no it's a red herring. something they put out there as a strawman to try to distract. when your budget is increased 118% over five years you have to make priorities, you have to make choices. we have over 6,000 private contractors in baghdad and, yet, we barely have two dozen in libya. >> laura: are you going to bring susan rice to capitol hill to testify. >> i want to hear from the president. i want to hear from secretary clinton. i want to hear from ambassador rice and i want the intelligence community to be able to voice this out because i think the administration should have known beforehand that this was going to happen. >> laura: congressman, thank you so much. directly ahead, things got prettied heated last night when the candidates discussed afghanistan. herald -- geraldo is going to way. in did martha raddatz bring up the abortion issue last night to reignite the war on women debate? those reports after these messages. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> laura: in the fridays with geraldo segment tonight, the candidates spent a considerable amount of time last night on foreign policy issues. and things got pretty tense while the discussion moved to afghanistan. >> we are sending fewer people to the front to fight them. >> that's right, beast because that's the afghan responsibility. we have trained them. >> not in the east. >> let's move to another war. >> not in the east. >> the most dangerous place in the world. >> that's why we don't want to send fewer people. >> that's why we should send americans in to do the jobs -- you would rather americans be doing the job. >> we are already sending
8:23 pm
americans to do the job but fewer of them. >> that's right, we are sending in more afghans to do the job. >> laura: joining me now from new york is fox news anchor geraldo rivera. and geraldo, before we get to afghanistan, i want to get your take on the obama campaign's response first to the libya attack. we were just discussing that in the previous segment and now intelligence community folks, former cia director general hayden came out strong against biden throwing the intelligence community under the bus because the intel people said hey, don't look at us. we never said we never briefed congress on this idea it was spontaneous protest that went awry. last nighted by den actually said that at the debate. >> you know, i think that -- let's first of all put the focus on paul ryan because i really believe what paul ryan needed to do last night on this whole issue of benghazi gate, laura was to channel ed
8:24 pm
henry. the same way our white house correspondent was busting jay carney today at that press briefing. you know, when did you find out about the request for additional security there? are you saying that you were never briefed? i needed to see paul ryan advance that conversation. instead, the issue was raised, and it was almost as if it went in passing. it happened, there was the moment but i didn't see the congressman challenge the vice president on either the lack of security or more importantly, once he he had had that exchange on security, on what they knew and when they knew it about the true nature of those hideous attacks, laura. >> laura: and geraldo, joe biden getting back to my point did say the intel community had floated this idea that it was a protest. of course, the intel community saying no, no. we didn't say that it seems like there is internal
8:25 pm
communication confusion inside the white house communication because people are getting thrown under the bus and former cia chiefs say this is incredibly demoralizing to people and factually doesn't look like it's correct here. >> that goes back to my point here. if we are speaking about the impact of the vice presidential debate on the presidential elections that was where paul ryan needed to make his stand. here you have because i can argue that basically what paul ryan and joe bide den discussed about afghanistan, we go d.o. back to that if you want about syria, about iran and the nukes, about bilateral relations with israel. i would argue the two sides, the republic and democrat were basically in sync more or less on those other issues. it is only benghazi gate where you have this glaring distinction where you have an administration that is trying to rewrite history after they went out and really were less than candid with the american
8:26 pm
people. i think he needed to stand right there and say this is benghazi gate. mr. vice president. you are not giving us. >> laura: you are not answering questions. i think that governor romney can do that he can pick up the ball but i think they have to hammer it. >> laura: it's taking them a while. all right, geraldo. you wrote a column last night for fox news about the debate which i enjoyed. there is one part of it that i have to nitpick with you about. you are talking about paul ryan has the biggest blue eyes and the biggest nose in politics. his shirt seemed too big for his neck. and he had the look of a rookie gamely stepping up to play in the big leagues. the biggest nose in politics? i mean, what? is that accurate? i don't know if it is. >> it takes one to know one first of all, laura. as an expert in noses, i was merely remarking about his physical features. i go on to say the next sentence what a great job he did. he held his own against the
8:27 pm
wiley old veteran maybe a mustache would work. >> laura: i just thought it was funny great to see you. >> you too. >> laura: paul ryan hammered the obama administration last night for four years of failed economic policy. was the congressman able to make his observe case to the voters? lou dobbs will tell us. later is the manufactured war on women debate making a comeback? we'll have a debate about it we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪
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>> laura: in the lou's the boss segment tonight, the candidates laid out two very different visions to fix the economy. whiled by continue wants to raise the taxes on the so-called rich. paul ryan called for this plan. >> cut taxes by 20% and preserve important preferences for middle class taxpayers. >> not mathematically possible. >> it is mathematically possible. it's been done before. it is precisely what we are proposing. >> it's never been done before. >> it has been proposed. taxes increase. >> now you are jack kennedy. >> when ryan's proposal end up resonating with independent voters with us is lou dobbs. okay, lou, so biden was trying to make this all out to be a bunch of funny biz with the numbers. like these numbers don't add up and there is no way you can do this. you are not giving us enough in the way of specifics. how did riden rate here. >> score this one for congressman ryan. in point of fact he is right. historically it has been done.
8:32 pm
the concept of reducing marginal tax rates which is the romney plan has been tested and historically and jack kennedy by the day with play a role. and for the record congressman ryan wasn't asserting he was any jack kennedy. it's really interesting to seat vice president go off the rails on this particular part of it. because this also was a real set back for president obama in the presidential debate. so i am not sure why he thought he would profit from it. congressman ryan was right. >> the class warfare thing is what they always go back to in times of distress. they think if they scare enough people that romney is all about preserving his own tax breaks and the regular people are going to get shafted. i'm looking at this fox news poll that came out midweek. and it turns out that 49% of those polled say they think the economy is improving. only 42% say it's getting worse. and then in the same poll it
8:33 pm
says that 42% say the economy is in fair shape while 41% say economic conditions are poor. okay. so, i don't really understand these numbers but apparently 49% of the people think things might not be great now but they are getting better. so, does that hurt romney's ability to make the case for his policies versus obamas? >> i think not. because i think most of those people undery stand where the credit for an improving economy rest after four years of struggle. 23 million people, laura, still either are not working, having given up on the prospect of full-time employment or simply have walked away from the very idea of finding work. there is stem plenty of fain. qui do a percentage of the total population of the country. 23 million people is a huge number of folks to be suffering. i believe that the president has to make a case for the policies that have failed to
8:34 pm
this point. we have seen consecutive years of lower economic growth. and congressman ryan pointed that out again last night. he did something very intelligent. he wasn't talking about the ryan plan, you will notice, laura. is he talking about the romney plan. is he talking about the romney tax plan. the romney budget. and making it very clear for the first time and i thought he did a great job of it, talking about who is the boss and the boss is governor romney. >> laura: all right, lou, great to see you. have a great weekend. >> you too. >> laura: when we come right back, martha raddatz questions the can cats on abortion. -- raddatz on abortion. we will hear from both sides coming up. if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and best in class 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool.
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>> laura: thanks for staying with us, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. in the unresolved problem segment tonight, just when we thought the so-called war on women debate was over, last night's moderator martha raddatz might have reignited an issue with a question about abortion and faith. >> i don't see how a person can separate their public life from their private life or from their faith. our faith informs us in everything we do. my nate informs me about how to take care of the vulnerable about how to make sure that people have a chance in life. now, you weren't asked why i'm
8:39 pm
pro-life, it's not simply because of my catholic faith. that's a factor of course but it's also because of reason and science. >> i accept my church's position on abortion as what we call -- doctrine. life begins at conception. i accept it in my personal life. i refuse to impose it on devout christians and muslims and jews. i just refuse to impose that on others. >> laura: with us now from los angeles is fox news contributor leslie marshall and from denver, marilyn must grave. vice president at the susan b. anthony list organization which is a pro-life group. all right, ladies, let's get a crack at this, will he leslie, let's start with you, what did you make of this late abortion question which was basically at the end of the debate after we discussed afghanistan, libya, tax policy, medicare, social security and then came this?
8:40 pm
>> well, actually, i think it was a good question. and i don't think it was resurrecting the war on women because i think the war on women is still going on and i don't think it's been dead and buried. i think because these are two catholic men and this is an issue that obviously is very emotional that is very divisive in our nation there are people who vote just on pro-life or pro-choice candidates. i thought it was very good for her to get that one of the things i loved about both on their answers is it was so unrehearsed for both of them. i felt very very heart felt and i bought both of their answers i felt it was very honest. i concur with vice president biden's answer on that. >> laura: marilyn, what is your take away on this? i'm a roman catholic and i kind of -- i recoiled a little bit about what vice president biden said. he said personally he accepts the judgment but he is not going to do anything to forward the judgment of his own church which isn't really what the church says we should do but go ahead.
8:41 pm
>> well, first of all this administration could not be any more extreme on abortion and joe biden saying he didn't want to force his beliefs on other people, really? what about the health and human services mandate where religious institutions and employers are forced to subsidize abortion inducing drugs. what about obama care, the largest expansion of abortion since row v. wade? this administration could not be any more extreme on abortion and i agree with leslie. i'm very glad the question was asked because while americans are becoming more and more pro-life, the policies coming from this administration could not be any more extreme the catholic bishops came out strong in a statement which is unusual after a vice presidential debate but they came out strongly rebuking the vice president for what he said about that hhs mandate saying there is absolutely no meaningful accommodation to
8:42 pm
catholic universities, other religious charities or catholic hospitals. and indeed we still have to subis i died through premium support, policies that allow for the use of and give drugs and contraception, sterilization procedures, et cetera, this is against our religious liberty concerns and the vice president is simply wrong on this. so he tried to say i stand with my church but then the top church officials in the united states came out today and said huh-uh, you are not getting this right. they are obviously suing the obama administration as well. >> i'm just going to say this is no surprise. i mean, they have a suit against this administration and they have said not only to the vice president today but they said to john kerry who was a catholic as well years ago which is basically if you are not in line, in step, even as a politician, who served the general public who are not all roman catholics well then, you know, you are not with us. and if you are not with us, you are against us. i would disagree that quite frankly that the country is
8:43 pm
becoming, quote, more pro-life. what i think. >> laura: the polls show that actually. >> very much like myself. i would never choose to have an abortion. -- 13 ibf cycles i would not do that i will not take the choice away for you to do with your body something i may choose myself it goes beyond abortion. >> laura: what about paul ryan's take on this? he had to confront the issue of rape and incest and he says he goes along with the romney formulation on this which is rape, incest, you know, we're not going to stand in the way. >> life of the mother. >> abortion. >> life of the mother exceptions which is different from obviously what the catholic church believes and what paul ryan believes. is he not the top of the ticket. set vice presidential pick. >> he is. is he talking about actual policies and have been introduced. and the fact of the matter again is this is the most extreme president on abortion
8:44 pm
that we have a ever had. reducing any restrictions at all. late term abortion. sex abortion ban. the majority of americans really are pro-life and polling shows that yet the policies coming out of this administration could not be any more extreme. >> laura: i wish ryan brought up the born alive infant protection act. that was a missed opportunity. >> barack obama state senator. >> laura: thanks so much, guys. when we come right back. new polling in two key swing states show romney is ahead. we will talk to two pollsters about what the latest numbers mean. and also a preview of next week's presidential debate after a miserable performance in the first. will president obama try to channel his inner biden? right back. [ male announcer ] how do you turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece?
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>> laura: in the factor original section. ed as member is known for left wing politics. is he still supporting president obama? he recently sat down with bill o'reilly. >> i hear you are going to vote mitt romney coming up in november is that right? >> you said that, what? >> bill: mitt romney has your vote this november. >> i certainly don't brag about obama having my vote. i don't think he has been a strong leader. i think he has been deficient in his financial efforts in stimulating the economy. >> bill: see, let's just -- in case people don't know you. >> yeah. >> you are a socialist, right? >> yes. >> bill: you are a socialist? >> yeah. >> bill: when you hear people say barack obama is a socialist, you are a real socialist, you say. >> ha ha. >> ha ha, that's what i thought. >> bill: is he not even close, right? >> no. i believe in a cushion,
8:49 pm
keeping the citizens alive and well and educated and housed. barack obama doesn't provide that nor does this country. >> bill: you and i are in the same union do you know that after sag. it's not militant enough for you. >> no. >> bill: i think you and i should run for president and vice president. i'll be the president and you be the vice president of the union. [ laughter ] >> bill: i would send you on peace keeping missions. >> that u.n. stirred up. >> bill: i like my union but what i don't like is the municipal unions it's not the fault of the workers who have now negotiated contracts that we can't pay. that's what happened in wisconsin, that's what's happening all over the place. your state, california, bankrupt. it can't pay the pensions. >> i see the municipal workers and the teachers as being the last preservation of organized labor in this country. we borrow and borrow and
8:50 pm
borrow and borrow but now it's all coming to the end because they can't borrow any more money. the workers are going to have to take it on the chin a little bit the municipal workers. they are just going to have to. >> just take iou's. >> bill: all right. you want an iou from jerry brown? good luck. >> not particularly jerry brown. >> bill: the folks just can't afford it anymore. >> we can't afford it if our taxation system in this country became legitimized. >> bill: in france they want 75% to tax people at the high end. 75%. >> i'm not at the high end. >> bill: come on now. i mean mary tyler moore lou grant show. >> why are you talking about ancient history? >> bill: you didn't save any money? >> i spent it. >> you got spunk. >> i hate spunk. >> bill: i'm supposed to pick up your old age. >> i paid taxes on that. social security among them. >> bill: 7 a% they want to pay. >> in france.
8:51 pm
thank god we are not in france. >> bill: you think that's a little bit too much, correct? >> um-huh. >> bill: what romney wants to do is flood the marketplace with money. all right, by consult taxes on the incomes. but, plug up the luxury boxes, the expensive meals, and all of that. >> i don't know of any place in the record where cutting taxes worked as a stimulus to the economy. >> bill: bush? it worked after 9/11. we went to a recession as you remember. because of that they cut taxes, we got out of recession. and then the highest government revenues of all time under w. >> really? >> bill: yeah. >> i have to go back and read. >> bill: you watch the factor you will know. >> okay. >> bill: grace, the play. >> yeah. >> bill: you haven't been on broadway for 30 years. >> 23. >> bill: why did you come back? >> to shake up the bottle. to show people east coast that i was a better actor than ever. >> bill: you are a really good actor, you know that, right?
8:52 pm
>> i know that. >> bill: that's god-given isn't it? >> if you believe in god, yeah. >> bill: do you? >> my jury is still out. >> bill: you are a socialist, you are atheist, too. you. >> i didn't say atheist i said ago not stick. >> bill: when you die that's not going to cut it go hey how are you doing? he is going to go hey. >> do you think if i utter in the box with me in it oh god, god help me, save me, do you think i will be out of my mind enough to do that? >> bill: i don't know. >> i don't think so. >> bill: i think god a big mary tyler moore plan you may be all set. >> god worshipers love mary tyler moore. you are handsomer than ever. age does not wither those wonderful bones. >> bill: it's just botox. >> is that it? well, that's what got this. [ laughter ] >> laura: okay. up next, a preview of next
8:53 pm
week's presidential debate. so can barack obama rebound from his dreadful performance in denver? we'll be back in 60.
8:54 pm
>> mitt romney continues to surge in the poll's after last week's debate. a brand-new rasmussen survey, among likely voters in florida shows the governor leading, 51-47. in virginia, romney leads 49-47. with us to analyze the polling and to preview next week's presidential debate from dallas, republican pollster chris wilson. and from new york, bernard wittman, also a democratic pollster. okay, gentlemen. this is going to be interesting. now we had the full biden on... on last night's debate. he is in your face and making facial gestures and laughing and sighing. and on tuesday, at hoff stra,
8:55 pm
the president will step forward. chris, let's start with you. given where the polls have shifted, obviously some momentum now for romney, do you believe that vice-presidential debate blunted that momentum, or is it a wash? >> it's really a wash. there is not a situation where you can -- that you can point to where a vice-presidential debate has changed anything. whether you believe ryan won, which a couple of polls, c-nbc and cbs show him winning, other polls believe biden won. i believe it's a wash. if you say that biden won, my bet is that bernard believes that -- even if you believe that, you take the most emphatic democratic win in 1988 -- didn't matter. it just doesn't matter when it gets down to it. >> bernard, let's move to the movements and polls in ohio, pennsylvania, florida and virginia. real clear politics average has obama up slightly, but
8:56 pm
nevertheless, i think the bump that mitt romney received from the debate performance was a little bit bigger than most people, certainly myself, predicted. go ahead? >> i think that's true. but what the vice-president debate did is blunt that. i think we have seen the end of the momentum on mitt romney. and the eyes will be on tuesday. at then of the day, is mitt romney ahead 4 points in florida, according to rasmussen? that's within the margin of error. scott rasmussen is a friend of mine, but his polls tend to lean republican. ultimately what will decide those states and nationally are suburban women. i think as suburban women begin to understand the impact of things that ryan said last night, making it quite clear, he wanted to outlaw abortion-- -- >> bernard eye want to make sure i understand this. i want to make sure that i understand this on national television. what you are saying is that the mom in cleveland with three kids, struggling to make ends
8:57 pm
meet cares more -- or should care more -- about government insuring that insurance cover contraceptives than about the fact that she can't get a job that pace her bills. are you kidding me?! no poll -- no poll supports what you are saying there. >> that's not what i am suggesting at all. republicans have made it quite clear that their goal is to control women's lives, whether that means -- >> no, they haven't. that's a lie -- >> abortion -- >> why are woo calling them reproductive choices, they are choices not to be reproductive. that ufannistic choice -- [overlapping dialogue] >> we have a situation where we have four yearsave record to run on and all the other side can do is demonize and deflect and distract, with the shiny object over here, soy don't focus on the fact of losing 40% of your fam le's wealth, which is a lot more important than whether they
8:58 pm
can get a $9.99 birth control pact paid for by insurance. what do romney/ryan need to do at hoff stra. this is barack obama's territory. he likes the town hall meetings. i think he will feel a lot more comfortable and go on the attack? >> he does. but i think one of the reasons we saw a sort of reduced barack obama, if you will, in the last debate is because he has a tendence tow come off as arrogant and smug and petty, almost as if he can't believe someone would have the audacity to disagree with his opinion. that's what he has to avoid. i think he was toned down in denver because he was advised not to be that barack obama. don't be overly arrogant toward rim rim. now he has to find that balance, which i don't think joe biden found last night. i think saturday night live will have a great skit -- >> don't count on it. >> well, you are probably right. but he's got to be able to do that. he has to be able to take the bite, like joe biden did -- joe
8:59 pm
biden took the fight to paul ryan. romney has to do exactly what he did in denver. he has to be the person he is. mitt romney we saw in the primary, the one who defined himself as severely mitt romney that, wasn't the real mitt romney. that was someone running to win a republican primary. the reason we see a compelling and a mitt romney that has changed the momentum of this race in the polls you mentioned, the clear politics average for the first time this fall on wednesday showed romney move into the lead. the states you mentioned, one in virginia, there are three that have romney up. it hasn't changed around. romney has to do it again. >> thank you so much. before we go, a quick reminder, "killing kennedy" will debut number 1 on the new york times best seller list. it's a fantastic read. signed autopsies are -- copies are available on bill


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